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For hundreds of years, coconut oil has been widely used in cosmetology. Its rich composition enriches cells with all important trace elements. Regular use makes the skin soft and tender, moderately hydrated and firm, healthy and youthful. Its beneficial properties have been known to women since ancient times. Nowadays, oil is actively used in cosmetology, added to ready-made cosmetics, soaps and shampoos. Coconut oil production method Coconut base oil is a substance that consists of approximately 60% of the pulp of a ripe coconut fruit. Refined coconut oil, ready to use, has a neutral scent and ivory color. Coconut oil is dense in consistency at temperatures up to 23 degrees, but at 27 degrees of heat or more, it becomes liquid. How does the manufacturing process take place? Oil production takes place in two stages. The first is cold pressing. The coconut pulp is separated from the skin of the coconut and dried. When this raw material is pressed, unrefined coconut oil is obtained. The second stage is refining, it is necessary to separate various impurities. Thanks to this process, cleaning takes place, the oil acquires a softer consistency and absolutely all of its properties are preserved. Benefits of Coconut Oil: quickly absorbed into the skin, forming a light protective film on the surface; has a wide antimicrobial and antibacterial spectrum of action, effectively fights against pathogenic microorganisms; with regular use, evens out the skin and smoothes superficial wrinkles; increases the general tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin; has a drying effect, but does not dehydrate the skin, but regulates the production of sebum. These properties are suitable for the care of oily skin and scalp coconut oil is used as a makeup remover; as body massage oil; recommended for use before and after sunbathing. This helps to avoid sunburn and get an even, beautiful tan; after waxing, soothes the skin, relieves redness and removes unpleasant sens Using coconut oil for hair masks To create a mask, you need 10-15 grams of base oil, apply half on the scalp and massage smoothly, distribute the remainder proportionally through the hair with smooth movements from top to bottom. Immediately wrap it in cling film or a special hat and wrap it on top with a terry cloth or towel, it is advisable to leave this mask overnight. After you wake up in the morning, you will need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo and balm. For a stronger effect, we recommend that you add a couple of drops of natural tea tree, cedarwood or bergamot essential oil to this product. Head massageations; used to treat dermatitis, burns, wounds, skin cracks; moisturizes hair, reduces fragility; applied to hair before showering, protects hair from the harmful effects of shampoo. Hair is much less damaged during drying and brushing Thanks to the massage, our body functions much better, the scalp will become much softer, the hair is stronger, and with prolonged use, dandruff will disappear forever. It has become much easier to keep youthful thanks to TM AROMA kraina! Cosmetologists advise buying an organic product and using it in its pure form. With regular use, your skin cells will be renewed much faster, and you can completely forget about small wrinkles. Also, various rashes and peeling on the face will disappear. For a beautiful tan and UV protection, apply before sunbathing. The neck, one of the most sensitive and erogenous zones in our body, also needs care. You can do special wraps using a coconut product and not pay crazy money for such procedures in beauty salons. And your neck will be softer, softer and more sensitive. We advise you to also use various mixtures with natural ingredients for washing, because the price of coconut oil is affordable, and there is a lot of chemistry in our life. Home use of cosmetic coconut oil: Ideal for moisturizing lips. Relieves and heals small cuts. Makes the skin softer, especially useful for cracked legs. A beautiful and even tan at any time of the year with products from TM AROMA kraina. Ideal to relieve irritation after shaving. Coconut fatty oil can be used alone, or as a transport oil for esters, which will enhance the required efficiency. You can also buy essential oils on the AROMA kraina website at an affordable price in any volume convenient for you. Application methods: Massage: for 10 ml of oil 1-2 drops of essential oil Masks: in pure or in combination with other oils - apply with napkins After shower and bath - apply to body and face. Storage conditions: Store in a tightly closed dark container at room temperature. After opening, store in the refrigerator, no more than six months. Precautions: individual intolerance to oil.

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Загорайте безопасно!
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Coconut oil

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Volume 115ml
Brief description Coconut oil from TM AROMA kraina is refined, does not have a pronounced odor and at temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius takes a solid form. To return to its liquid form, it is enough to melt the butter in the palms of your hands or in a water bath, but not higher than 25 degrees plus. Coconut fatty oil can be used alone or as a carrier oil for esters that will enhance the desired effect.